Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

Gabrielle Walls


You say I need God in my life,
claim I need to know my Creator,
invite me to church but I’m not interested in your four walls of what you believe to be heaven.
No, I know that this earth is my heaven,
my head is my sanctuary,
this life is my scripture
and each of the 6.8 billion individuals here are their own creators because there is no hope,
only action and the actions I take create my destiny and keep me living and loving this life I lead
and I need you to know that hate is too easily called love,
but your hate couldn’t beat the love out of me because I feed on it,
I need it like babies need their hands and knees to crawl on before they find their feet
because I’m still crawling,
still trying to find my feet so I can walk the untrod path towards my fate
and you may hate the fact that I won’t make myself fit into your neat little lines of organized religion,
but the lines I write are true to the only church I’ll ever know.
This universe is my religion and I am thankful I have found my place in it.

I Love You

Saying I love you for the first time can be the most terrifying experience of a person’s life.

It’s not just saying those three words,

but saying as well as feeling the meaning of those three words.

It’s timing the delivery of those words so I don’t scare you away.

It’s practicing my delivery of those words like I practice my poetry,

so you can feel what I feel when I tell you what we have is real.

When I say those three words,

I am giving a part of myself to you,

and if I am rejected it may take a while to make myself whole again,

in a sense I’m losing control by putting my fate in your hands,

but with you I’m willing to give up my control because you and me it’s destiny.

You see, love is a tricky thing.

It’s a fine line that we walk on

and sometimes the wind may make us sway and cause us to trip or stumble, but sometimes,

sometimes we fall so hard that it seems we might shatter into a million pieces

if the person we are falling for doesn’t catch us.

That’s why falling in love is also a rush,

there’s that fear that the one you love won’t fall,

but whatever happens I will be here to catch you whenever you are ready to let yourself fall.

I’m standing on the edge, waiting for the wind to push me over

because I still don’t have the courage to fall by myself.

Come stand by me and we’ll fall together.

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Running Out Of Reasons To Wake Up In The Morning

I’m running out of reasons to wake up in the morning

Because everything about my life is dull and boring.

I’m nice to people that really don’t care,

But I’m a jerk to everyone that’s always been there.

I still have all of my friends,

But I want to be with someone else on the weekends...

 I want a girl who is with someone else already.

I was too late in trying to get her to love me.

I feel invisible to the people I love sometimes,

And the ones I can’t stand are around me all the time.

I know that some people love me.

They’re just not always who I want them to be.

I feel like almost everything I do is dumb.

And that I don’t really deserve to have any fun...

There is only one thing I really desire.

And that is for a certain someone to give me that fire.

I want her to give me the spark I need,

So that I can finally be freed

From thinking that my life has no meaning.

I want her to remind me why I’m still breathing.

All I want is for a relationship with her to actually start forming,

So that I can finally have a reason to wake up in the morning.

If You Haven't Noticed

If you haven’t noticed,

Every time I see you, I feel contented.

The more I’m with you, I become more smitten.

The more we talk, I feel awakened.

When you laugh, my heart is emblazoned.

And when you smile, everything seems worthwhile.


If you haven’t noticed,

When I don’t see you, I am weakened.

When I’m without you, I feel abandoned...

When you’re quiet, I feel neglected

When you cry, I feel helpless.

And when you frown, I try to impress.

  If you haven’t noticed,

You’re still in my thoughts.

If there were no you, I would probably be lost.

I can’t stand to see you sad.

I can’t ever leave you feeling bad.

If it was up to me, you would always be glad.

And if I could help it, you would never get mad.


If you haven’t noticed,...

I think you’re the best.

If you were mine, I would truly be blessed.

I would never have guessed

That I could stop thinking about all the rest

Of the stressing things of my days,

So maybe I could love you always.



You know I would do anything for you?

Anything and everything I could possibly do.

I’d do anything just for you to look at me

And notice that I’m trying to make you see

That all I want is to be with you

And to make you smile at everything I do.

I’d do anything to get you out of my head,

But to get you more into my life instead.

I’d do anything for us just to talk...

And maybe even go for a long walk.

I’d do anything just to see you to smile

And to know that you would stay with me for awhile.

I’d do anything to have you to hold

And for us to cuddle when it’s cold.

I’d do anything just for you to want to be

The person that just so happens to be with me.

I’d do anything for this to be real

And to tell you how I really feel.

I’d do anything for you to know...

That I will never let go.

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Hate is a four letter word,
but then again so is love and I really…
don’t know how you feel when I say the word love.
How would you feel if I said I want to be with you,
want people to see you and me walking down the street hand in hand
looking at each other like we are the only ones in the world that mattered?
How would you feel if I said that?
How would you feel if I said I want to float on my back through your bloodstream,
crawl every rib in your ribcage as if it were a ladder towards your heart,
would that be really, really creepy?
If it is, let me just say that I’ve never felt this way about anyone before you,
I’ve never stayed up all night talking until the sun decided it was time to wake up,
that’s the closest thing to waking up with someone that I’ve ever been,
but I wouldn’t have it any other way
except maybe if I could actually be there with you.
Do you understand how much I…
can’t get enough of our conversations and that I would drop everything
to hop on a plane to take a vacation with you?
Any time with you feels like a vacation because my heart feels like it’s on holiday,
it feels like I’m high,
makes me wonder why people use drugs at all if one person can make them feel this way.
You are my addiction, the sweetest addiction I’ll ever know
and I’ll always have a sweet tooth for you,
devour you like a third grader devours ungodly amounts of candy on Halloween
that they got from dressing like a ghost,
but not like the ghosts you’ve swallowed for me like Pac-man.
Do you know how much you’ve made me feel in the last month,
I’ve gone through so many emotions, but not one of them has been close to anger.
I know I could never hate you...
but I’m pretty sure I could love you.
How would you feel if I said that?
I don't want to scare you away, but I've been wanting to say something.
I look forward to the day we'll be together,
but here's the words I've been trying to find the right way to say,
but I can't figure out any other way to do this,
so forgive me for being so forward,
but I love you.
There's no "maybe" or "I think" or "someday"
It's right here, right now, I know I love you.
I just hope someday you can love me too
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Paint Me A Picture
brush strokes on a once blank canvas
that people aren’t sure how or why they were put there,
cause them to tilt their heads
to try and make sense of the mess that is before their eyes.
We are abstract,
people wondering how or why we were put together
trying to make sense of our mess,
but we know if we tilt our heads in the direction of each other’s heartbeat,
we’ll see exactly why we are here in this moment and what we are.
We are the only ones who think our masterpiece is greater than any Kandinsky, Picasso, or Van Gogh painting
so lend me your ear lover; I want to hear the world as you do.
I want to hear our heartbeats becoming the metronome to the symphony in our chests
as our limbs become entwined and tuned to the key of love
that so many throw away
instead of using to unlock the secrets and emotions that have been locked away
with no hope of seeing the light of day
until someone comes into their life and knocks them head over heels
and makes them want to kneel down before them
and give them everything they never knew they needed.
You are everything I want that I never knew I needed,
so unlock your heart love,
this isn’t just another love poem,
this is my goddamn revolution and I’ll write about our evolution until the day the sun stops shining
and I’d be lying if I told you I want you to write me the sheet music to the symphony of our souls,
because baby I’d sit in eternal silence if only I sat with you,
but the only thing I ask is that you help me paint a picture as abstract as we are together
but as concrete as our feelings we have for one another,
we will be more beautiful than any painting Kandinsky could ever dream of
our starry nights will be better than that of Van Gogh's
so tell your father, your mother, your sisters and brothers that you are in good hands with me
because I never make a brush stroke I don’t intend to keep.
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i was born with birds in my chest and
some days my heart feels like a flock of wax-winged birds that are escaping from a cage
only to fly towards the sun, like Icarus, and have their wings melt,
then fall to the ground and have their blood splattered across the pavement
like God is fingerpainting "fuck you" to try and make a statement that my life needs change,
but I embrace change
like the holy people embrace the godliness of their steeples and their worn out bibles,
but I'm not holy, I don't believe in the godliness of steeples and I don't read the bible
so my only chance of survival is to live in your embrace
so I may die being fully enveloped in love
like the letters I write you every day, but never mail
because I'm afraid that if I fail you then you'll use them to paper cut me open
until I am trimmed and tailored to suit your every need,
and I'm hoping you let me be baptized in your radiance because I want to be holy,
I need to be holy,
even if I never believe in God I'll always believe in you
please make me holy,
bathe me in your glow because the lines of you are the holiest I've ever known,
wake me at the birth of dawn so I can get to know you better in a biblical sense
because I am homesick for your skin
so write me postcards using the tears you've cried as the ink
and the walls of your heart as the page
while you write postcards, I'll write sheet music
and the bed will be our stage
and I'll set the metronome to the rhythm of our heartbeats
as we compose the world's greatest piece of music it will never know
because it will only be played within these four walls
as I tell you previous lovers played my body like an old fiddle and they don't compare
because I'm finely tuned now
and since you came around I'm a fucking symphony so let's make some music lover,
let's let our bodies sing a melody sweeter than any bird could dream,
let's fly towards the sky and burn out the sun with the heat of our passion
because the only sunshine I need is in your eyes,
let the moon rise from the ashes as we hang it from a noose,
then forever tap the moon for moonshine,
let me drink you in, I want to be love drunk on you,
leave me breathless then breathe life into me and clean up the mess God made
and instead of fingerpainting "fuck you" with my heart,
keep it and engrave your name all over it because it's yours,
it has been from the start
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Last Love Letter
I am easily forgettable

I look down at the words

They are barely even legible

And now I see my life in thirds

Before you, with you, and now after you.

Clearly you have moved on

Now looking into someone else's eyes a similar shade of blue

I try to remind myself of why you're gone

You are not easily forgettable

As I read the words one last time

I realize you weren't totally regrettable

In fact some of our memories were absolutely sublime.

I breathe deep as the sound fills the air

I drop the pieces and tighten my sweater

As I blink back the tears and try not to care

That I have burned a bridge by tearing our last love letter.


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