Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

With You
My love, for you

My life, for you

My everything, for you

There is nothing I woudn't do for you

I owe you everything I have promised

For you are the reason I am alive

The reason I get out of bed

The reason I get through the day

The reason I don't mind doing it all over again

I wish these promises were enough

However, they aren't filled with hope

I am not a hopeful person

I am steady

I am sure

I am confident

I am in love...

With you.
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Broken Boundaries
Many say love has it's limits

But I beg to differ

The love I know goes on forever

The only boundary is my fear to tell this person

I fear their reaction

They say "To fear love, is to fear life"

I do not fear my love for this person

Because I will love them until the day I die

I fear the actual person

Boundaries and barriers are meant to be broken

It's just that my fear has built this wall

That separates me away from it all

Maybe I will overcome this fear

And risk our friendship for love year after year

Yes, love has it's limits I now realize

But the boundaries will be broken the next time I look in that person's eyes


That is how she found me.

My heart, ripped in pieces.

She raised me up,

She picked up the pieces of my heart and put them back together.

She showed me how to smile again,

Showed me how to live again.

She made me feel wanted,

made me feel loved,

made me feel so special again.

All I needed was some time,

was her to wait for me,

was her to love me.

And all I need right now is nothing but her to be with me.

But I know that she is gone.

That she will never be there to hold me again,

will never be there to comfort me again,

will never be mine again.

So it's me alone. Again.

Alone with the stabbing pain in my chest,

Alone with the shattered pieces of my heart,

Alone with nobody there to pick them up and put them back together again.

My heart, ripped in pieces,

That is how she left me,

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Your Love
I've been lost before

If it weren't for you

And your amazing love

I don't know what I would become

You came into my life

Like a whisper into my ear

You said "I love you"

And I began to tear

The words you've said

In my heart will remain

They'll be like a treasure

I can't find nowhere else

Because of you

My life makes sense

I've found where I am

And the plans in my life

Thank you for your love

The one no one else has given

Eternal it is

And with me, you will remain.
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Fire and Ice
Exuding frost, frozen.
Cold, hollow, barren.
Shards of crystal clear pain.
Her expression. Those words.
Biting like hail, stinging.
Dripping hope, down the drain.
Dripping, dripping, dripping hope.
Melted dreams.
Puddles of fear, resentment.

Wild hearts beating, heating.
Burning, sparks flying.
Flickering flames of passion rising.
Her voice. That embrace.
Warming like a furnace, heat.
Heat, heat, heat, spreading across my face.
Scorching, smoldering chemistry, electricity.
Boiling, burning presence.

So what am I?
What do I crave? What do I need?
I'm weary; I no longer crave the cold.
I need the heat.
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Empty House

One day, you said you still love me and only me.

So why did you go and leave me for her?

You said she's history, a stop in your life story.

I was happy the day you said you loved me, and I still cry at night.

There's just this picture of you and her in my head,

And I'm really sad, of all people I trusted you the most

And what did I get,

You leaving me and me being sad.

How did it happen?

I know you never tried to let her go

She was always there, but I didn't care,

And now I'm defending you

At the ending of me and you.

Yet you remain a tenant in my mind, it's not fair,

I know passion's address and the letdown that rents there.

Why can't I get you out of my head?

You clearly don't want to be with me,

And I realize I don't want to be with you.

But you've taken up residence in my head,

And you're taking your sweet time packing your sh*t.

Here let me help you pack, I want you out.

I want you gone.

Boxes labeled fragile,

I know your heart isn't in any of them.

Your heart is one of the hardest I've ever known.

It's a wonder you aren't completely made of stone.

Your words of the past, like knives,

Cut through my flesh, bone, and soul.

And now my heart is slowly beginning to harden.

Don't say you've changed your mind,

Because I haven't and I won't.

My heart has grown bitter

Bitter as bitter ever gets,

More bitter than a rotten peach pit,

More bitter than a child's most terrifying nightmare at night.

You will know that I don't reflect what I see in your eyes

We will share some banal recognition

Some cordial understanding,

But have I mentioned that I hate you for lying?

I won't turn a blind eye to your mind games anymore.

I'm moving on and you are too.

Wait, that's not yours to take,

That's my heart, not yours; I never gave it to you.

Give it back; you've already bruised it when you abused my trust.

It hurt worse to have you halfway, than it would have to never have you at all.

I need my heart so I can give it to somebody who truly deserves it.

I need to amputate every body part your mouth had thought to kiss.

Let me amputate my lips for being tricked into thinking your kisses held true emotion.

Peel back my eyelids for being closed leaving me too blind to see the deceit.

Cut out my tongue for every word I've ever spoken to you.

I was fooled by your motives and you leave me no choice.

There's the door, don't look back, don't come back.

I don't want you here anymore.

I close my eyes as the door slams and I take a deep breath.

Tears roll down my face as I exhale,

And this double-edged sword pierces my heart.

I'm happy because I stood up for myself,

But I'm devastated because now I'm alone.

This is why all the women I ever wanted,

Have become the one time I slept soundly in an empty house.

She used to be so strong.
The tears that beg to fall-
they never used to be there at all.
Something's different...
I can tell.
She looks so haunted,
so frail and so afraid.
If I could-I'd make it go away.
She tries to be stubborn but
inside, I know she's shaking.
Heartbreak, confusion and wonder...
all she wanted was to feel.
I just pray I get the chance
to tell her that what we have is real.
Maybe I should be mad-
she's not saying anything.
But maybe she doesn't have to.
The words we aren't speaking say more-
they say everything.
The look on her face is one of pure truth
when she lifts her head and says
"I Love You."

Addicting and afflicting-
You're a blessing,
You're a curse.
I need you more each day-
But I want you even worse.
It kills me to see you...
smiling there with her.
I should have told you
what you still need to know.
All my friends say that
it already shows.
I wish I could turn away-
but I know in my heart you'll stay.
A tenant in my mind...
a blue-eyed eight world wonder.
A confliction...An addiction...
Why can't I let you go?
Why won't you leave me alone?

My Sweet Gabrielle

I know I'm not good with words and I'm really hard to read.

You might find it hard to believe,

But I don't have much confidence left in me.

So I need to say something to you before this last bit leaves me.

I'm in love with you, and the only thing I can think to do is kiss you,

But I've been scared.

Go ahead laugh it up, a warrior princess scared, but it's true.

You, my bard, have been the only one to get through this hard exterior

And now I fear you because you are capable of breaking my heart,

Capable of ripping me apart,

Capable of doing things only gods and warlords can dream of,

Yet all I hope is that when you're dreaming, it's sweet dreams of me

Because when I dream it's always of you.

I hope as your eyes pass over this scroll

It becomes obvious the toll you have taken on my heart

And how difficult it was for me to pick up a quill

And try to explain how I feel using a method in which you have many skills

Because you hold it so near and dear to your heart.

I just hope that one day you can find a special place for me in there,

But if not we can pretend this never happened and go back to the way things were,

But my feelings for you will never change; my love for you will never end,

So let me say this now in case I might never get the chance again...

I'll love you forever, my sweet Gabrielle.

Sadness doesn't suit her,
Her blue eyes should be dry,
You should have been more careful,
You're the one who made her cry.
It wasn't what you said,
It wasn't how you said it,
And when she's too far gone to save,
You really will regret it.
She built a wall around herself,
But crawled too deep.
To hide.
Covered up to mask her pain,
And slowly broke inside.
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