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I Love You

Saying I love you for the first time can be the most terrifying experience of a person’s life.

It’s not just saying those three words,

but saying as well as feeling the meaning of those three words.

It’s timing the delivery of those words so I don’t scare you away.

It’s practicing my delivery of those words like I practice my poetry,

so you can feel what I feel when I tell you what we have is real.

When I say those three words,

I am giving a part of myself to you,

and if I am rejected it may take a while to make myself whole again,

in a sense I’m losing control by putting my fate in your hands,

but with you I’m willing to give up my control because you and me it’s destiny.

You see, love is a tricky thing.

It’s a fine line that we walk on

and sometimes the wind may make us sway and cause us to trip or stumble, but sometimes,

sometimes we fall so hard that it seems we might shatter into a million pieces

if the person we are falling for doesn’t catch us.

That’s why falling in love is also a rush,

there’s that fear that the one you love won’t fall,

but whatever happens I will be here to catch you whenever you are ready to let yourself fall.

I’m standing on the edge, waiting for the wind to push me over

because I still don’t have the courage to fall by myself.

Come stand by me and we’ll fall together.

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