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Running Out Of Reasons To Wake Up In The Morning

I’m running out of reasons to wake up in the morning

Because everything about my life is dull and boring.

I’m nice to people that really don’t care,

But I’m a jerk to everyone that’s always been there.

I still have all of my friends,

But I want to be with someone else on the weekends...

 I want a girl who is with someone else already.

I was too late in trying to get her to love me.

I feel invisible to the people I love sometimes,

And the ones I can’t stand are around me all the time.

I know that some people love me.

They’re just not always who I want them to be.

I feel like almost everything I do is dumb.

And that I don’t really deserve to have any fun...

There is only one thing I really desire.

And that is for a certain someone to give me that fire.

I want her to give me the spark I need,

So that I can finally be freed

From thinking that my life has no meaning.

I want her to remind me why I’m still breathing.

All I want is for a relationship with her to actually start forming,

So that I can finally have a reason to wake up in the morning.

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Hey, this is awesome Ches! Great work. Some times I feel like that.

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