Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

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If You Haven't Noticed

If you haven’t noticed,

Every time I see you, I feel contented.

The more I’m with you, I become more smitten.

The more we talk, I feel awakened.

When you laugh, my heart is emblazoned.

And when you smile, everything seems worthwhile.


If you haven’t noticed,

When I don’t see you, I am weakened.

When I’m without you, I feel abandoned...

When you’re quiet, I feel neglected

When you cry, I feel helpless.

And when you frown, I try to impress.

  If you haven’t noticed,

You’re still in my thoughts.

If there were no you, I would probably be lost.

I can’t stand to see you sad.

I can’t ever leave you feeling bad.

If it was up to me, you would always be glad.

And if I could help it, you would never get mad.


If you haven’t noticed,...

I think you’re the best.

If you were mine, I would truly be blessed.

I would never have guessed

That I could stop thinking about all the rest

Of the stressing things of my days,

So maybe I could love you always.



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