Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

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Hate is a four letter word,
but then again so is love and I really…
don’t know how you feel when I say the word love.
How would you feel if I said I want to be with you,
want people to see you and me walking down the street hand in hand
looking at each other like we are the only ones in the world that mattered?
How would you feel if I said that?
How would you feel if I said I want to float on my back through your bloodstream,
crawl every rib in your ribcage as if it were a ladder towards your heart,
would that be really, really creepy?
If it is, let me just say that I’ve never felt this way about anyone before you,
I’ve never stayed up all night talking until the sun decided it was time to wake up,
that’s the closest thing to waking up with someone that I’ve ever been,
but I wouldn’t have it any other way
except maybe if I could actually be there with you.
Do you understand how much I…
can’t get enough of our conversations and that I would drop everything
to hop on a plane to take a vacation with you?
Any time with you feels like a vacation because my heart feels like it’s on holiday,
it feels like I’m high,
makes me wonder why people use drugs at all if one person can make them feel this way.
You are my addiction, the sweetest addiction I’ll ever know
and I’ll always have a sweet tooth for you,
devour you like a third grader devours ungodly amounts of candy on Halloween
that they got from dressing like a ghost,
but not like the ghosts you’ve swallowed for me like Pac-man.
Do you know how much you’ve made me feel in the last month,
I’ve gone through so many emotions, but not one of them has been close to anger.
I know I could never hate you...
but I’m pretty sure I could love you.
How would you feel if I said that?
I don't want to scare you away, but I've been wanting to say something.
I look forward to the day we'll be together,
but here's the words I've been trying to find the right way to say,
but I can't figure out any other way to do this,
so forgive me for being so forward,
but I love you.
There's no "maybe" or "I think" or "someday"
It's right here, right now, I know I love you.
I just hope someday you can love me too
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