Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

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Paint Me A Picture
brush strokes on a once blank canvas
that people aren’t sure how or why they were put there,
cause them to tilt their heads
to try and make sense of the mess that is before their eyes.
We are abstract,
people wondering how or why we were put together
trying to make sense of our mess,
but we know if we tilt our heads in the direction of each other’s heartbeat,
we’ll see exactly why we are here in this moment and what we are.
We are the only ones who think our masterpiece is greater than any Kandinsky, Picasso, or Van Gogh painting
so lend me your ear lover; I want to hear the world as you do.
I want to hear our heartbeats becoming the metronome to the symphony in our chests
as our limbs become entwined and tuned to the key of love
that so many throw away
instead of using to unlock the secrets and emotions that have been locked away
with no hope of seeing the light of day
until someone comes into their life and knocks them head over heels
and makes them want to kneel down before them
and give them everything they never knew they needed.
You are everything I want that I never knew I needed,
so unlock your heart love,
this isn’t just another love poem,
this is my goddamn revolution and I’ll write about our evolution until the day the sun stops shining
and I’d be lying if I told you I want you to write me the sheet music to the symphony of our souls,
because baby I’d sit in eternal silence if only I sat with you,
but the only thing I ask is that you help me paint a picture as abstract as we are together
but as concrete as our feelings we have for one another,
we will be more beautiful than any painting Kandinsky could ever dream of
our starry nights will be better than that of Van Gogh's
so tell your father, your mother, your sisters and brothers that you are in good hands with me
because I never make a brush stroke I don’t intend to keep.
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