Life is a poem and you are the author.

Don't let anyone else use your pen.

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i was born with birds in my chest and
some days my heart feels like a flock of wax-winged birds that are escaping from a cage
only to fly towards the sun, like Icarus, and have their wings melt,
then fall to the ground and have their blood splattered across the pavement
like God is fingerpainting "fuck you" to try and make a statement that my life needs change,
but I embrace change
like the holy people embrace the godliness of their steeples and their worn out bibles,
but I'm not holy, I don't believe in the godliness of steeples and I don't read the bible
so my only chance of survival is to live in your embrace
so I may die being fully enveloped in love
like the letters I write you every day, but never mail
because I'm afraid that if I fail you then you'll use them to paper cut me open
until I am trimmed and tailored to suit your every need,
and I'm hoping you let me be baptized in your radiance because I want to be holy,
I need to be holy,
even if I never believe in God I'll always believe in you
please make me holy,
bathe me in your glow because the lines of you are the holiest I've ever known,
wake me at the birth of dawn so I can get to know you better in a biblical sense
because I am homesick for your skin
so write me postcards using the tears you've cried as the ink
and the walls of your heart as the page
while you write postcards, I'll write sheet music
and the bed will be our stage
and I'll set the metronome to the rhythm of our heartbeats
as we compose the world's greatest piece of music it will never know
because it will only be played within these four walls
as I tell you previous lovers played my body like an old fiddle and they don't compare
because I'm finely tuned now
and since you came around I'm a fucking symphony so let's make some music lover,
let's let our bodies sing a melody sweeter than any bird could dream,
let's fly towards the sky and burn out the sun with the heat of our passion
because the only sunshine I need is in your eyes,
let the moon rise from the ashes as we hang it from a noose,
then forever tap the moon for moonshine,
let me drink you in, I want to be love drunk on you,
leave me breathless then breathe life into me and clean up the mess God made
and instead of fingerpainting "fuck you" with my heart,
keep it and engrave your name all over it because it's yours,
it has been from the start
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